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Working from Home

Supporting Your Child

We believe that pupils progress most effectively when their parents are involved in their education. If problems occur, it is our policy to involve parents at an early stage and seek parental support in finding solutions.

Each pupil is issued with a Pupil Planner in which there is information about school rules, their timetable and the teachers they have. Pupils record their homework assignments for the week in the planner and parents are asked to check and sign it each week. It is also possible for it to be used to pass brief messages.

Parents and pupils can also access homework through ‘Show My Homework’ which can be accessed from a computer or via a dedicated smartphone application.

Every eight weeks we issue effort and attainment grades in all subjects. This allows parents to
monitor their child’s development and provides the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress.

Parents may request meetings with the Head of Year and/or subject teachers to discuss any
particular problems that may arise during the year.

A full academic report, which contains detailed statements about the knowledge and skills learnt in each subject, is issued once a year.

Parents are invited to a parents’ evening each year to discuss their child’s progress with staff.
Staff are available at other times by appointment to discuss matters of special concern. Other
evening events occur during the year to discuss specific issues.

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