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Revision Strategies

How to revise:

  • Away from distractions – at a desk in your room/in the dining room. Don’t think you can work in front of the TV or with parents asking what you want for tea.
  • If you hate being in silence, play music but without lyrics.
  • Turn off your phone and don't be tempted to start browsing online.
  • Make sure there’s enough light.
  • Shut your door so everyone knows you’re revising and won’t disturb you.
  • Avoid sitting opposite anything like a window or set of photos – you end up staring at them.
  • Revision cards can be useful, but don’t just make them and then forget about them, you need to actively use them.
  • Mind maps are good to start with, as an overview of what you’ve done. Put on everything in the syllabus (without detail) and you can see what you need to cover in detail and it looks a lot less scary if you can fit 2 years on a page!
  • Stick post-it notes of key facts/words everywhere, especially by the door or light switch because they catch your eye when you leave the room.
  • Try to revise almost every night for a couple of hours. Make sure this is at a time before or after your favourite programme on TV is on.
  • Keep going through past exam papers.
  • Don’t revise when tired – it just doesn’t go in!
  • Take regular breaks.

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