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2019 Exam results

I am pleased to report another outstanding set of examination results for Chadwell Heath Academy. Congratulations must go to our staff and pupils upon their excellent performance. All of these achievements are based upon the hard work and commitment of the teachers and their pupils. They also reflect the effectiveness of our monitoring and support systems and the positive atmosphere of ambition that permeates the school. None of this would be possible without the support of our parents and Governors for which we are most grateful.


This year our pupils have produced our best ever set of examination results. The progress and attainment 8 measures set out below includes the performance of every pupil.

Our progress 8 score is 1.03 (0.71 2018) which means that on average our pupils results were a grade higher than national prediction in 8 of the examinations that they took. This performance means we are ranked 38th out of 6,502 schools in the country for progress. The progress measure is the most important indicator of the success of our teaching because it shows the value that we add to our pupil’s education.

Our attainment 8 score is 5.9 (5.3 2018) which is an average of B grade in old GCSE and very close to an average of grade 6 within the new system.

2019 Exam Results All Pupils Disadvantaged Pupils
Progress 8 Score


Well above National Average -0.03


Well above National Average -0.45
Attainment 8 Score


Strong Pass - significantly above National Average 46.55


Strong Pass - significantly above National Average 36.54

Grade 4 or better in

English & Mathematics


significantly above National Average 64%


significantly above National Average 44%

Grade 5 or better in

English and Mathematics


significantly above National Average 43%


significantly above National Average 24%
Grade 4 or better in Mathematics


significantly above National Average 70%


significantly above National Average 51%
Grade 5 or better in Mathematics


significantly above National Average 49%


significantly above National Average 30%
Grade 4 or better in English


significantly above National Average 76%


 significantly above National Average 59%
Grade 5 or better in English


significantly above National Average 60%


significantly above National Average 42%
Grade 4 or better in Science 


significantly above National Average 65%


significantly above National Average 49%
Grade 5 or better in Science


significantly above National Average 47%


significantly above National Average 47%

Our success has been consistent throughout the ability range, of the 1635 (1,679) grades awarded (2018, 2017 figures):

  • 17% (12%, 9%) were A**, A*, 9, 8 or above.
  • 35% (24%, 28%) were A/7 or above.
  • 58% (45%, 52%) were A*, A, B, 9, 8, 7, 6 or above.
  • 89% (81%, 82%) were C/4 or above.
  • Only 4% (8%, 8%) of the grades awarded were below a D/3.

Sixth Form

In contrast to a national decline, the number of A*& A grades has increased. In keeping with our philosophy of an open access sixth form I am proud to report that we have achieved the full range of outcomes from top academic grades to outstanding vocational grades. More importantly thanks to our strong UCAS programme of support, every student who wanted a university place has got one. It is a source of great pride to us that, as a result of our entry policy, many students who would not be able to take A-levels and BTEC / CTEC in other schools have achieved their dreams and are going to university. Our sixth formers have secured university places at a wide range of institutions taking a variety of courses including Medicine, Engineering, Law, History, English and Mathematics.

 Our overall grade has remained at C- which is the same grade as the Ilford County High (boys grammar school) achieved last year. Our pass rate is 95% and our average vocational grade is likely to be Distinction- which is excellent. Again, our entry requirement for these courses is much lower than other schools. Those who combined two traditional A levels with a CTEC / BTEC have achieved three and a half level 3 qualifications, gaining more UCAS points than many who did just three A levels, and have gone on to study a range of subjects including Teaching and Architecture. The value of the BTEC / CTEC courses has really made its mark again this year with students going on to universities such as Northampton and Kent, studying a range of subjects including Accounting and finance, Nursing. All of this demonstrates the quality of our careers advice and UCAS support programme.


These results demonstrate our continued ability to add value to our pupils’ education. Once again these achievements are only possible with the commitment and support of pupils, parents, teachers and governors.

Mr M Weight