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Jack Petchey Achievement Awards



Over 1600 schools, colleges and youth organisations throughout London and Essex run the Jack Petchey Achievement Award scheme, which contributes millions of pounds each year. The scheme is a reward and recognition initiative which enables schools and youth organisations to celebrate the achievements of their young people as well as receive additional funding.

At Chadwell Heath Academy there are twelve award winners each year, and students can be nominated by staff or pupils.

Pupils are recognised for going above and beyond, achieving where perhaps others might fail. Winning an achievement award might mean different things to different people - it may represent a personal triumph against adversity, it may recognise a young person who has pushed themselves out of their comfort zone, it may be the opportunity to recognise the outstanding efforts of a team player who always puts others first.

Our winners are publicly congratulated for their achievement with a framed certificate and badge in assembly, they are also invited to attend a special awards ceremony where they are congratulated in front of friends and family.

2022/2023 Winners

Almurtaga Abdalla in 7E nominated by his Head of Year for his excellent work ethic and positive approach to school.

Katie Thacker in 8O nominated by the English department for her resilience and mature approach to lessons.

Joumana Rihane in 9O nominated by the Modern Foreign Languages department for impressive commitment and passion for language learning.

Paige Modelly in 9B nominated by the PE department for being an outstanding role model for her peers and for her amazing contribution to the school Netball team.

Tawqir Mirza in 9O nominated by the Maths department for being “a literal human calculator”

Raunaq Chadha in 8O nominated by the English department for his commitment to working independently and going above and beyond every lesson.

Nicole Oronsulu in 8E nominated by the History department for excelling academically and independently researching beyond what is taught in the curriculum.

Lonti Azemi in 9B nominated by Geography for his heartfelt presentation about the war in Kosovo – producing work of an A Level standard in Yr 9.

Musa Anwar in 7B nominated by The Hub for his resilience and determination. He has made every effort this year to adapt to working with his cochlear implant.

Gurdeepak Gaur in Year 13 for his dedication to the Sixth Form and positive attitude.

Halimah Sheikh in Year 12 for her contribution to the Football Activators scheme.

Anisha Syeda in Year 13 for founding the school's first Chemistry Society.

Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

Award winners for 2022/2023



Jack Petchey Coordinator: Mr A Taylor (Head of Drama)


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