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Year 7 Bright Young Things

Learning Passport

At Chadwell Heath Academy we are very proud of our students engaging in a variety of extra-curricular activities and we would like to encourage our Year 7s to take this concept a bit further. We have therefore created a “Bright Young Things” Learning Passport with the aim of inspiring this year group to commit themselves to complete additional learning tasks and to attend subject led clubs.

This is how it works:

    • students collect a Learning Passport from their form tutor
    • a list of subject related tasks, which pupils can choose from, is listed below
    • alternatively pupils can attend a club offered by departments
  • tasks are meant to encourage independent study and research skills and are linked to the curriculum
  • once they have completed a subject task pupils get a “visa” from each department (signed off in their passport)
  • in June all passports will be collected in and there will be rewards for students who have completed the most activities

Best Performing Students of 2019:

Form Student Visa stamps
Austen Ibrahim 18
Nadia 14
Cesario 14
Svita 13
Elkanah 12
Bronte Malvika 62
Zunaira 36
Amy 21
Maryam H 20
Liyana 15
Eyimofe 12
Paton Harris 21
Mahika 18
Mohammed M 10
Orwell Raina 15
Khadija 10
Swift Daniel 14
Alisha H 13
Alisha S 10
Maha 10


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