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Homework is given regularly in order to help develop self-reliance and the ability to work
independently. It also provides the repetition and reinforcement which is indispensable in the
acquisition of skills.

Homework tasks are recorded in Pupil Planners and posted on ‘Show My Homework’ which
parents will be able to access through the website or via their smartphone.

The amount of homework set varies from subject to subject and from year to year. When homework is not set pupils should be writing notes, practising skills, and revising.

Each pupil has a login to ‘SAM Learning’ and there is a minimum expectation
that they will complete 4 hours of SAM in each 8-week module. It is also essential that pupils read regularly.

It is important to establish a regular homework routine. The time that pupils need to devote to homework or independent study is:

In Years 7, 8 & 9 – around 30 minutes per subject each week
In Year 10/11 – a minimum of 1 hour per subject per week
In Year 12/13 - a minimum of 3 hours per subject per week

We ask parents to help their children by encouraging them in their homework and
ensuring that there is a quiet time at home for it to be completed.

Parents Guide to SMHWK