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The educational success of your child depends on a pro-active three-way partnership between the pupil, his/her parents and the School. Only by working together as a team can we ensure your child’s academic progress and personal growth. Our pupils come to school to achieve success. Their uniform is an important statement of this intent. Correct uniform, properly worn makes it clear that your son/daughter is here to work hard and learn. Our experience suggests that pupils who dress well are focused and self-disciplined. Our standing in the wider community is also judged, in part, on the appearance of our young people. A positive reputation is not only important to the School, but essential to our pupils as they apply to further and higher education establishments, or seek employment. 

We insist that our pupils look smart and encourage them to wear our uniform with pride. Your support is both valued and essential if we are to maintain and develop the current, high standards of uniform found within the school.

Full school uniform, as detailed below, must be worn by all pupils in Years 7 to 11. Pupils who come to school improperly dressed are liable to be sent home to change or withdrawn from lessons until full and correct uniform is obtained.