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Year 8 STEM Project

Our Year 8 students have really made us proud this year by participating in a STEM project organised by CGI, a Business and IT consultant firm.

In phase one, the whole year group participated in an “Innovation Day” which required them to work in groups of five to find solutions to STEM related briefs:

  1. Engineering Task:

Designing a collaborative wellness space for use by NCA (National Crime Agency) employees to support them in their work.

  1. Technology Task

Analysing technology that can replace old systems and support rehabilitation within prisons.

  1. Mathematics Task

Organising an event to raise awareness and funding for a young offenders prevention charity.

  1. Science Task

Design enhancements to a customer location to help reduce their carbon footprint and become more nature positive

At the end of the day the representatives from CGI chose the winning group for each category and they were then invited to take part in the final “Young Dreamers Event” at the Lord’s Cricket Ground on the 6th June 2023.

Due to the venue itself and the outstanding organisation of the company, it was an amazing experience for everyone.

Our four groups had been working for weeks to present their ideas and dealt beautifully with the pressure of competing under such high-profile circumstances. We are very proud to announce that we won three out of the four competitions. This achievement really reflects our students determined and professional attitude towards this project.  

Below you can find the names of the participating students and some photos of the event:


Qaylah Ali

Naeem Alom

Eiliyah Chowdhury

Moiz Rahman

Rabeea Sethi


Aleeza Aman

Nour Djitli

Jayla Graham

Albert Graur

Nazia Hussain


Raisah Baccus

Baani Bhandal

Sevim Emin

Nureen Mannan

Ayesha Yasmin


Raunaq Chadha

Tejveer Devsi

Sai Eluchuri

Mohammed Yousaf

Yahya Musharaf