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Year 8 STEM Project

Our Year 8 students have really made us proud this year by participating in a STEM project organised by CGI, a Business and IT consultant firm.

In phase one, the whole year group participated in an “Innovation Day” which required them to work in groups of five to find solutions to STEM related briefs:

  1. Engineering Task:

Your client is looking to create a more inclusive and accessible environment in one of their court rooms to make the process less stressful for individuals attending court. You must produce modifications that make Courtroom 1 in the UK Supreme Court more accessible to someone with a physical disability.

  1. Technology Task

Your client is exploring new options for digital policing. They have asked you to research current technologies which Law Enforcement Agencies could deploy them to enable them to continue to and to better protect the public.  

  1. Mathematics Task

Your client has asked you to plan and organise a charity event.

The client has allocated £1000 as a starting budget. Think carefully about how you spend your money – you should be aiming to make a profit for the charity. This money can be spent on materials and resources such as a space to host the event, catering, staffing costs, advertising, prizes, activities, and other things.

  1. Science Task

Your client is looking for a science-based plan to help make their office location (see image below) more climate positive. The client has agreed to a budget of £10,000.

As a team, design enhancements to the office location, staying within the budget and making the biggest impact you can on the environment.

At the end of the day the representatives from CGI chose the winning group for each category and they were then invited to take part in the final “Young Dreamers Event” at the Lord’s Cricket Ground on the 30th June 2022.

It was an amazing experience for all the students who participated due to the venue itself and the outstanding organisation of the company.

Our four groups had been working for weeks to present their ideas and dealt beautifully with the pressure of competing under such high-profile circumstances.

Below you can find the names of the participating students and our winning science team and some photos of the event itself:


1 Maths Team:


Akor, Efrayim


Ali, Syed Ashan


Kerr-Beckford, Anaya


Ali, Zara




2 Engineering Team:


Mudamburi, Halle


Naeem, Hadiya


Nazem, Mahmood


Nedelica, Antonio


Patel, Neel




3 IT Team:


Ngutu, Peniele


Rahman, Tashik


Dost, Junaid


Rihane, Joumana


Qureshi, Zarah




4 Science Team:


Rahman, Alifa


Richards, Breice


Wright, Noah


Yasin, Maryam


Akhlaq, Mikhael