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Model United Nations Trip

On Saturday 2nd February the Model United Nations team, of Years 10 and 11, visited the American School in London for a conference on the topic; Global Health. Here they participated in debates about; sexual health, access to health particularly for migrants, the Rohingya Crisis and women’s health.

Attending the event not only involved pupils giving up their Saturday, but also needs an extensive amount of preparation beforehand. This involves pupils being given a United Nations country, which they will represent for the day, conducting independent research to write their countries ‘Position Paper’ and submitting this prior to the day.

The day itself was a fantastic success, and I was very proud to be their teacher! We won many awards for their amazing debating skills including;

Lyrics Uwas, Best Speaker, Abdulmajid Maani, Chelsea Mathew and Camillah Edejo, Honourable mention, Jovan Sindhar, Most Diplomatic, and Anne-Marie Sawyer, Most Likely to be in the real United Nations.

In addition to this Amanpreet Bahi of Year 11 put himself forward as an applicant to be a chair for this conference. This included an application form and personal statement prior to the conference, and in addition attending training days on other weekends. I am pleased to say he was the youngest chair at the event and done a fantastic job!

Congratulations to all pupils who attended and represented the school very impressively!

Year 10: Laibah Ather, Juhayma Abu, Camillah Edejo, Zehra Guclugenc, Jadyn Gowrea.

Year 11: Jovan Sindhar, Lawson Merry, Nizzar Mirza, Callum White, Smavia Saeed, Maryam Khan, Anne-Marie Sawyer, Wardah Moonsun, Lyrics Uwas, Haytham Shah, Tatiana Pereira Barreto, Chelsea Mathe, Amanpreet Bahi, Abdulmajid Maani.