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Visit from Sam Tarry MP

On Wednesday 13th October, Ilford South MP, Mr Sam Tarry visited our Year 12 and 13 Government and Politics students. Mr Tarry spoke about what drove him to a career in politics, how he feels the government should have handled the pandemic differently and what is next for Ilford South. The pupils were left feeling inspired. There was an open Q&A at the end, where some fantastic questions were asked. These included; How he felt when challenging Rishi Sunak in the Houses of Parliament? If he would ever want to be PM? If it is tough to prioritise the views of his constituents over his own? And what is the toughest part of his job? It was a pleasure to host Mr Tarry, and our pupils gained an invaluable experience. We would like to thank Mr Tarry for joining us, and look forward to hosting him again.