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A Level Geography Conference

On Friday 30th November, some of the Year 13 Geography students, along with Mrs Phillips and Mrs Kelly, attended the annual A Level Natural Hazards conference at Friends House in London.

Speakers included: Thorbjorg Agustsdottir, Dr. Martin Degg, Sue Warn, David Redfern, Duncan Hawley and Professor Iain Stewart.

Topics discussed included the latest scientific research surrounding the mechanics of plate tectonics as well as mega cities and earthquake risk, with a chilling prediction of a devastating earthquake, with the potential to kill over a million people, to hit Istanbul in our lifetime. Detailed case studies of Iceland and New Zealand’s tectonic activity were also presented.

Professor Iain Stewart’s talk built on his famous saying; “Earthquakes don’t kill people, buildings do.” He concluded by speaking passionately about the importance of studying Geography.

“If you’re not going to study Geography at university…you’d better hope people smarter than you will!”

The conference delivered fantastic revision for the students that attended, providing them with invaluable case study material for their forthcoming examinations.